Contact the webmaster

Contact the webmaster

Please note that Thomas Scherrer, the original maintainer of this site, is - for various reasons - unable to continue the site, therefore he asked me to do it for him. As I host a couple of other sites, too, you will hopefully understand that my time is quite limited.

Of course, you are welcome to contact me if you have a serious question, or some good z80 relevant information. Please don't expect me to answer your questions, though, as I'm not familiar with z80 programming. And please remember that you find a couple of links on this site which will more likely answer your questions than I can do.

You can write in English, German or Italian. Please do not send any attachments if I didn't ask you to do so. If you think you got something I should have, just let me know, and I'll give you further instruction.
If you've got any corrections and/or additions, please remember to include the URL of the page you want to be updated.
And one last reminder: I AM A WOMAN, so please don't call me "Sir".....

O.K. If you've read all this carefully and you found that you still want to send me an e-mail, then take the following link:
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Or if you like to contact Thomas Scherrer, you might want to visit his website at